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One year as faculty and new website

This site has been derelict for the past year, as starting out as a new faculty at UNESP consumed all of my free time. We are now slowly transitioning to a lab webpage (, and will start blogging “for real” … Continue reading

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Installing Slidify on a Windows Machine

I’ve been wanting to try out the amazing Slidify package developed by Ramnath Vaidyanathan for a while. What it does is generate html slide shows directly from R, using R markdown. Turns out it was the perfect entertainment for someone … Continue reading

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No cloud effects in SAR images? Think again.

It’s usually assumed that Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images can penetrate through clouds, giving you an image regardless of cloud cover conditions. Well, that’s true…most of the time. Heavy clouds can still have an effect, especially for shorter wavelengths such … Continue reading

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What’s the fastest implementation of the Mantel test in R?

I’ve been helping a friend with some spatial analyses, which include a Mantel test to evaluate spatial autocorrelation. The original vector data is aggregated into increasingly small cells, and spatial autocorrelation is tested for each grid size (to assess the … Continue reading

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Teaching at Camosun College

I’m happy to be teaching the GEOG210 course (Airphoto and Map Interpretation) at Camosun College, Victoria, BC this semester. Looking forward to the smaller class sizes and more one-to-one experience with the students.

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New Article Out

My newest article, “Annual Net Primary Production of Macrophytes in the Eastern Amazon Floodplain” is out, and available at Abstract: Aquatic herbaceous macrophytes contribute significantly to the input carbon for the Amazon floodplain. These plants have large seasonal variations … Continue reading

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Find me at

I always had this thought about how nice it would be if they made a “facebook for researchers”, where you could look people up by name, research interests, etc. and then find their publications, institution and so on. This thought … Continue reading

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