What’s the fastest implementation of the Mantel test in R?

I’ve been helping a friend with some spatial analyses, which include a Mantel test to evaluate spatial autocorrelation. The original vector data is aggregated into increasingly small cells, and spatial autocorrelation is tested for each grid size (to assess the effect of scale), to the point where the smallest scale will simply crash the program. So for the sake of my short patience code optimization, I have been looking at different implementations of the test in R.

So far I have found three implementations: mantel.rtest on the ade4 package, mantel on the ecodist package, and mantel on the vegan package.

Curious to see if there was any difference in processing speed,  I timed each implementation, with the same data:

> length(dst.bu04800) # first distance vector
[1] 405450

> length(dsg.bu04800) # second distance vector
[1] 405450

> # using ecodist
> system.time(man.bu.04800 <- mantel(dst.bu04800 ~ dsg.bu04800, nperm = 1000))
user  system elapsed
17.66    0.03   18.18

> # using ade4
> system.time(man.bu.04800 <- mantel.rtest(dst.bu04800,dsg.bu04800, nrepet = 1000))
user  system elapsed
39.33    5.99   45.71

> # using vegan
> system.time(man.bu.04800 <- mantel(dst.bu04800,dsg.bu04800, permutations = 1000))
user  system elapsed
53.07    4.42   57.69

For perspective, the machine I am using is a Dell Precision T7500 with Dual 2.13 Ghz Quad Core Xeon E5506 processors , and 6GB of RAM. I’m running R 2.13.0 64-bit, on Windows 7 Ultimate 64.

I guess that ecodist it is, at least for me.

But, just so you know, distance in ecodist is way slower than using dist in the base package:

> system.time(dst.bu04800 <- distance(bu04800$TOT_BU_AR))
user  system elapsed
13.49    0.02   13.51

> system.time(dst.bu04800 <- dist(bu04800$TOT_BU_AR))
user  system elapsed
0.01    0.00    0.02

If you think, for any reason, that I’m doing something wrong and there’s a faster way, let me know!

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