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I always had this thought about how nice it would be if they made a “facebook for researchers”, where you could look people up by name, research interests, etc. and then find their publications, institution and so on. This thought was in part inspired by the Lattes Platform, a system from the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq) which stores this kind of information from Brazilian researchers, and is searchable by anyone. Lattes is especially great because most national government agencies refer to it when evaluating  fellowship and grant applications, which ensures that most profiles stay up to date.

Well, today I just found out about, which is exactly that. The layout is great, simple and fast, and I can see the huge potential of it, once a good number of researchers is achieved. Give it a look, add yourself and find me there at Finally, someone took the effort to bring social networking and the Web 2.0 to the world of academia!


About thiagosilva

Ecologist and "Remote Senser", Postdoctoral Fellow at INPE, Brazil.
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