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I am an Assistant Professor at the Geography Department of the São Paulo State University (UNESP), Rio Claro campus, in São Paulo, Brazil. My research focuses on the synergistic use of remote sensing, GIS, in situ data collection and modeling techniques to characterize and monitor landscape structure, ecosystem processes and land cover/ land use change (LCLUC) in tropical wetlands.

I am particularly interested in quantifying how climate change and human activities can affect the distribution, structure and diversity of wetland vegetation, and the possible impacts of these changes on primary productivity, biogeochemical cycling, habitat integrity and natural resource availability. Wetlands comprise a significant portion of tropical land cover, housing complex ecological systems that provide exclusive environmental services and play a key role in the regional and global carbon cycles. Wetland environments in the tropics have a long history of human occupation and resource exploitation, but the extent of anthropogenic and environmental change impacts on these environments is poorly understood in comparison to terrestrial tropical ecosystems.

Some of my previous research includes developing multi-sensor remote sensing methods, combining optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, and  using geographic object-based image analysis (GEOBIA), to study landscape processes in tropical wetlands; measuring and modeling the susceptibility of herbaceous aquatic vegetation (macrophytes) to flood dynamics and predicted climatic extremes in the Amazon floodplain; monitoring of flood status in heterogeneous wetland landscapes using wide swath SAR data; determining the capabilities of multi-band polarimetric SAR to characterize land cover types and vegetation structure in tropical wetlands, assessments of deforestation and land use / land cover change in the Amazon floodplain, and region-wide mapping of land cover and flooding patterns for the Brazilian Pantanal wetlands.

In my work, I like to be “sensor agnostic”, having successfully used  a variety of optical (Landsat, MODIS, CBERS) and SAR (Radarsat 1 & 2, Envisat ASAR, ALOS PALSAR, JERS-1, TerraSAR-X) satellite imagery. Some of the software I use on my research includes ESRI ArcGIS, RSI ENVI, PCI Geomatics, Definiens Developer (eCognition), Clark Labs IDRISI and the free SPRING remote sensing/GIS platofrm. I am also a big proponent of using the R statistical scripting language for data analysis and modeling.

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